6/04/2011 11:18:00 AM

More on Project June: The plan

Week 1:

Stick with my protien fast (documented here) which is now down to 513 calories a day b/c I don't need as much protien as I did before.

Week 2:

Focus on re-feeding veggies and some fruit into my diet. Stay on liquid protien as my protien source until (TMI sorry) my first movement to avoid pain... by the end of the week, I should be on complete solids.

Week 3:

Stick with what I've been doing most days (500-600 calories) but push it to the 550-600 range. On day 1 and Day 5 of this week, I will add ~150 calories of fruit and 200 calories of nuts to the mix by having snacks and some grapefruit with breakfast.

low cal days: Breakfast will be
100 g egg white         48
100 g spinach            29
12 g oat bran            30
10 g whey powder    34
1 g cinamon              3
                              144 calories

high cal days I will add
150 g grapefruit       63 calories

for a total of 207 calories for breakfast.

Mid-morning snack will be, on high cal days (don't have one on low cal days)

150 g apple -                                               78 calories
15 g smuckers all natural peanut butter -       98 calories

Total: 176 calories

Late afternoon snack will be:
17 g almonds                                             99 calories

These additions will add 346 calories to my intake on high intake days, and re-feed carbs into my system every now and again. Fruit will be eaten before and after work outs, so the chances of the simple carbs becoming part of my fat stores are slim to none... and when you average it out over the 7 days, it is only 100 extra calories per day (so 650~700).

***this will mean I need to be more structured on these days with my sleeping/exercise etc.

Week 4:

the goal is to get 1200 calories in each day. I will be following the above additions as well as the following changes... (blue are high cal for week 3 changes for the most part... red are additions or increases to bring it up even more). This isn't exactly right because I forgot to rebalance the dinner I copied from... AND, AM/Afternoon snacks will switch places because I cannot have that much sugar that late in the day... but it gives you the gist.

(look at all those carbs and all that fat... ugh... but I gotta do it. I gotta try at least :( )

I will be monitoring my weight on a daily basis during this time. If i have a substantial gain that isn't due to water weight (my scale tells me what it's from too...) I will probably go back to restricting normally right away... it shouldn't happen.. I burn at least 2200 calories each day... and often much more than that, but god I'm scared :(

Week 5:

assuming nothing catastrophic happens during week 4 I will go back to week 3's plan until it's time to do my protien fast again.

Assuming a similar level of activity as to what I had during May, I should still have an AVERAGE deficit over 1500 daily, which means I should lose between 12-15 lbs this month (I wanted to push for 18... to be in healthy BMI range but oh well... I gotta keep my metabolism up D:)... which would still be on schedule. Here's hopping...


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