6/19/2011 11:59:00 PM

Last chance workout and new job?(!)

So... recently I've been weighing in twice a week as part of a group weight-loss thing I'm participating in. Tomorrow is one of those weigh in days, and I nearly blew today, which would have devastated me if I end up having a poor weigh in tomorrow (weird grammar there... sorry about the mixed tenses, but I think it's right...?) A few weigh-ins ago (can't remember which and too lazy to look it up now) I nearly made myself sick by drinking 2x the amount of energy drink I usually do and running for like... 25 minutes straight. but I had a pretty awesome loss after it, so i thought about doing "last chance workouts" before each weigh in. Well... now having done it twice, even without knowing the results I'll see tomorrow... I think I will indeed make this a habit. That way, no matter what happens on the scales, I'll know I did what I could to make sure it would be a good result (though I guess what I really CAN do is make EVERYDAY the same intensity...I'm too weak for that atm tho... hoping to build up to it eventually).

Here's what I managed to do... 

I would have liked to have a 2000 cal deficit but hey... over .5 lb in one day isn't terrible. I'm really hoping I have a big loss... like enough to get to my next mile marker. It's VERY unlikely, but would be so awesome... and the high from the mood would make the rest of the day, which is a big'un go so smoothly...

See, I think I have a new job offer. I have an appointment to meet with the person who would be my boss tomorrow, and I've already passed all the interviews I need to to actually be hired. I wonder what the offer will be... and if I should take it, or stay at my current job. Both are as Assistant managers at different retail stores, but the new one would have a lot more responsibilities and a lot more room for growth... which is good. HOWEVER, I would be starting all over for qualifying for benefits and stuff so... idk, it will be interesting to say the least.

So in short... I'm going to bed now hoping 1. the scales are kind and 2. the offer is good. night-night~

update:  was only able to sleep 2 hrs :( BUT, I lost 1.4 lbs since Thursday, so not bad... GW3 should definitely be within reach by the end of this diet week. If I'm not officially over the hump of 40.5 lbs on Thursday I think I will cry. It's just 1 lb in 3 days... totally doable with my deficits... Just gotta make sure I have no more iffy days (more on that later D: )


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