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New measurements and more on the Body Media Fit

This post is mostly inspired by a comment I got a few days ago on the Week 7 progress update post. I guess someone was reading backlog. It made me SOOO happy to get my first comment, and I replied back to them in a comment but I'm not sure they saw it, so I'm putting what I wrote here too, and more info as well!

First @Anonymous:

omg <3 my first comment. How exciting lol.

I don't know which country you are from, but in North America, Australia and New Zealand, it's called the BodyMedia Fit (www.bodymedia.com). In the UK it is the Ki (http://www.kiperformance.co.uk/ ). I don't know about other countries =/

As you can see if you go to either of those sites, it is part of a service connected with an actual device that measures a number of things you do throughout the day/changes in your body. Write back if you have more questions!!

So... The bodymedia fit, formally the Body Bug, is as you can see above, a really nifty little tool. Many of the pictures I include where it shows food, or daily burn stats or something, is from that item/service. Here are some old ones to give you an idea...

ewww I was eating so much then :( though... I'm going to try and eat that much again so... meh :(

this is 1 weeks worth summary. So you can get a lot of different info.

the red line shows a rate of 2 lbs per week. Purple shows what is actually happening. (red line can show .5, 1, 1.5 or 2 lbs per week but nothing more)
Ok... now, another thing I was asked about by one of the forums I frequent is how easy food logging is. Here's a quick youtube video on that. I love it, except that when you create your own foods it doesn't let you put in enough info... and, the way it tracks micro-nutrients could be more informative.

So, that's that. I love it, aside from the micro-nutrient issues I have with it. it's a wonderful investment!

In other news, I put it on the progress page but, it's been 2 months since I started working out this time around. Here's what's going on with my measurements.

  • bust: 38 (-1.5 since last time)
  • waist: 31 (-2.25 since last time)
  • hips: 42 (-1.75 since last time)
  • left upper arm: 13 (-0.5 since last time)
  • right upper arm: 13.5 (-0.375 since last time)
  • left thigh:  24.75 (-1.125 since last time)
  • right thigh: 25.75 (-0.625 since last time)
TOTAL LOST since first measurement: -19.75
TOTAL lost since last measurment: -8.125

So... I'm still disgusting... still a large... but considering the last measurement was May 14th, I'd say that is pretty decent progress. This has been a very productive month.


Anonymous said...

Hey hun! Thanks for replying to my comment! Aww I didnt relise I was your first comment :) I like reading your blog tho! You are doing so well!

Thanks for posting the info on body media fit! I'm from the UK n have after reading your post and looking at the pics I defiantly want to get one! Only thing is I am going to have to save up money to buy it :(

Also you inspired me to start measuring myself also :p! Think we are pretty similar actually Atm but you will prob quickly overtake me :):):)

Good luck with your weight loss and loving the blog


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