6/28/2011 01:28:00 PM

Today's Weigh In

Well, I'm not as happy as this girl here, but before going down to do SW flush I decided to weigh in and check where I was at for comparisons sake, and I'm back to 164.6 so... I didn't do it :x I will, on July 1st (first day of liquid protien fast)...

I figured why do it now, when I'm just going to fill up on food again in a few hours? Might as well make my final weigh in for fast/the competition I'm doing be more or less truly empty (will be eating oat bran again to help stave cravings perhaps... not sure. Haven't the past two days b/c I just couldn't deal with the volume!)

Promise: I will not wuss out Friday morning... I will do the SW Flush!


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