6/17/2011 09:21:00 AM

Running > all?

So... Yesterday, after my Pilates class, I decided to get some cardio in at PF, and spent somewhere between 25-30 minutes on the elliptical, as previous stats showed that it was the most effective of the machines I had been on in that gym.

My legs were kinda rubbery from the reformer, so I couldn't go all that intense, but in the 30 minutes I covered 1.7 miles and burned 250 calories according to the machine... Good, right? I mean... most days I need to burn about 400 through exercise to make my target calorie burn, so that was a great way to start the day. So what if it made me slightly late to work :x... Here's what I actually burned on it though D:

Hmmm... More on that later though. I couldn't (of course) actually see that chart until after I had done everything for the day. So... I go to work... do everything I'm supposed to for the day, and when I get home I see that although I'm only 200ish cals away from my goal for the day, I haven't done any vigorous exercise yet, which made me raise an eyebrow. I mean, I knew I didn't BUST MY ASS on the elliptical, but I though I had done at least a few minutes of VG... so whatever, I get on the treadmill, push myself to do at least the 15 minutes I wanted to... did 1 extra interval because I thought it was cheating to get there when I had only done 9 minutes at 4mph and 3 minutes at 5mph (12 min total right? well, as my body was coming down from the burst, that counted as a minute too apparently... Hmmmm) And, after exactly 30 minutes on the treadmill... 1.7 miles, 200 calories... this is what my fit reads out at:

Its almost like... they are reversed! Now, I don't mind that one burns more than the other, and again, I'm not even sure I can compare the two work outs 100% because I was more TIRED when i did the first one than I was when I did the second (though my back was killing me all throughout the second...) but I think it's odd the machines estimates for how much I burned are SOOO OFF, and each in a different way. Today, before going to work I am going to go for a jog. When I get off of work, I want to see what I can do on the elliptical. I think this is going to be an ongoing experiment, it won't be resolved in one day, but I want to get some more accurate results to compare the two activities with. 


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