6/26/2011 07:49:00 AM

Daily Weigh Ins Part 2

It felt good going to bed hungry last night... though weird too, I haven't actually really felt *hungry* more than 2-3x in the last 2 months... like, the rumble in your tummy kind... ah well. Anyway!

With this whole 1200 (ish) calories a day thing, I am weighing in every day again. Today and Yesterday I was up to 165.4 which is a .8 gain, but I am sure that it is mostly from water/other unpleasant things that aren't moving through my body 100% each day.(Donno if I could be so positive if it were more than say... 1.5 lbs, but, .8 seems manageable).

Tomorrow is an actual official weigh in day... so I may have to do a few things to make sure I'm empty before the weigh in... Thinking Senna tea (x2) and if I feel there is something left... an enema... which horrifies me, but so does the prospect of having to officially mark down a gain. ;(

I hate this week... (she says as she goes downstairs to stuff her face with breakfast...)


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