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Prep for protien modified fast Ducan style

As mentioned before in my previous post, I read a lot of the Ducan Diet book, and am going to use its "Attack Phase" as the basic model for my 'fast' which will start May 1st. I say "fast" because breakfast will be solid... still, it is quite extreme. I would consider a water fast but... because of the length of my work shifts, and the fact that it will cause loss of muscle mass, it seems like a bad idea. Ketosis can still be achieved while consuming protein, and that's really the point of this exercise. 

Here is my plan.... I will be living off of Whey Protein and Casein Protein and 100% Oat Bran served as Oatmeal each day.... the main purpose of the oat bran is to allow me to take a multivitamin and some fish oil to make sure all my micro-nutrients are in order. 

Calorically and nutritionally it will look like this:

foods calories protien carbs fat potasium calcium
Whey Shake  105 25 0 0.5 375 300
Oat Bran  22 2 6 1 50 5
Cinnamon  6 0.1 1.9 0 0 0
Whey Protien (Vanilla Flavor)  52.5 12.5 0 0.25 187.5 150
Potasium Supliment 99
multivitamin ?? 500
Whey Shake  105 25 0 0.5 375 300
Whey Shake  105 25 0 0.5 375 300
Casien Shake 110 25 2 0 105 100
505.5 114.6 9.9 2.75 1566.5 1655

That is quite low on calories... but it's just enough protein and the only key item I am going to be short on is Potasium, but as there will be 0 salt content it should be ok... The extra Calcium is not intended, but is welcome, as it ought to offset some of the acid my body will be producing during this week. I will also need to make sure to drink LOTS LOTS LOTS of water.... All the time.

Oh... the oil I intend to take will add 10 calories. The days following the end of the fast will slowly re-introduce food to my diet..

Day 1: I plan to add spinach and egg (whites only from now on) to my breakfast. I will keep the oatbran, but might lose the protien... maybe not. Who knows :D

Day 2: Add Veggies and Fish to lunch rather than whey shake.

Day 3: Add Veggies and Chicken to dinner, and probably lose casein shake.

Day 4: Follow the diet I have been minus the high calorie fruits and with half the nuts... and with whey shakes 30min before my workouts (speaking of which, I had a MAJOR shot of energy 30min after drinking the one I had this morning...)... and *maybe* casein shakes at night. Probably actually... by cutting out so many calories from the fruit and nuts, I need to add it somewhere else.

These are the supplements I'll be using...

 Peach Mango Whey Powder (0 Carb)
Vanilla Whey Powder (for "oatmeal")
Cookies and Cream
Chocolate Whey Powder (maybe...)
Casein Strawberry
EFA Supplement


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