6/24/2011 01:57:00 AM

Sad Panda

Feeling kinda shit the last few days... like, emotionally. Hate to be pathetic like this, but if there are people who come back and read from time to time, would you mind leaving comments just saying hi? I don't want to feel like I'm rambling to no one.

Why down?

- Trying some diet pills, but I think they might be messing with me.... throat kinda hurt a few times yesterday and today. Will stay off of them tomorrow and use them again on Saturday to see if it happens sat but not Friday.
- This week is a high cal week, and eating that much... well, only at breakfast really, the rest of the day I was numb but.... I wanted to cry.
- I guess it doesn't really matter because the loss was so awesome BUT I MADE MYSELF do an easy work out yesterday (and tonight for that matter) because I had already burned enough calories for the day, but needed to finish other goals... Felt super... super guilty and lazy :(
-Three people have directly expressed concern over the speed with which I am losing weight. And yet one of them also said that it was unlikely it could be seen in a picture I sent a best friend recently... UGH. (REALLY? 44 lbs can't be seen? FML...)
- I'm feeling very tempted to slip deeper in, because it would be easier... I wouldn't have to worry about silly things like diet pills ruining my thyroid gland, skimpy periods, trying to up metabolism naturally... (tho, if using diet pills, am I really?) etc.

But... I gotta keep myself behind the wheel!


Anonymous said...

i accidentally found your blog because i was trying to look for recipes using green tea..i used to count my calorie intake but i stopped because i got tired...how do you count the calories you've burnt?

Dandelion Clock said...

Well, that person super contradicted themself, didn't they? 'Concerned' about your weight loss and then claiming 'it doesn't show'... Yeah right, more like ENVIOUS of your weight loss, and then trying to say something discouraging because they're jealous and want you to fail, so they can continue kidding themselves that losing weight is really too hard to actually be achieved.

Snort. My mother does the same. Don't sweat over it, 44lbs is definitely noticeable, no matter what size you started out at! As proved by the fact they noticed! Don't let the haters bring you down girl.

Love, Dande x

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! I read your blog every other day or so :) xxx

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