6/05/2011 11:04:00 PM

Feeling Down

Something someone said has caused me to be very introspective tonight. I don't really know if I belong in the ED community or not... and if I don't, I don't know where I belong at all.

I just know I'm not entirely well, and I have issues... most of them having to do with my body and with food... some of them having to do with sex and intimacy... and hating both of them... and using my weight as a barrier to protect me from them... (thus they feed into [pun intended] the food/body issues).

I recognize that my issues are unique, as are everyone's issues really... but I don't know if they carry enough similarity or extremeness to allow me to ask for support from the people I have been... or to enable me to provide them with support.

so meh... I'm going to go get my 2.5 miles in before it's too late to do it "today" (before midnight)... and think some more.


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