3/22/2011 01:09:00 AM

Goals as Outcomes


1. To say goodbye to my kissing thighs...
2. To balance out my figure.
3. To be at most a US small.
4. To be between 18.5 and 19.9 BMI
5. To have between 18~20% body fat

Outcome statements for motivation: 

When I have succeeded in reaching my goals regarding body mass:

1. My thighs will only touch when I cross my legs. 
2. I will be able to wear ANYTHING I want because it will look good.
3. I will feel better about myself.
4. My figure will be more balanced.
5. I will be able to buy clothing more easily when living abroad.
6. I will be better at things I enjoy like snowboarding.
7. I will be more flexible.
8. I won't have as much pain around my body from weakness.
9. I will have demonstrated that I can overcome adversity.
10. I will be perceived as inspirational by my peers.

I'll add more as I think... also, a tip for goal setting. Think about things in a positive light rather than in a negative.

I will be thin = good
I won't be fat = bad