6/15/2011 02:25:00 AM

Results of the experiments... new toy, and new goals.


My newest toy is pictured to the left. It is an accessory for the fit which allows you to get slightly less accurate but constant updates on your progress throughout the day... so, for example, when I got home from my errands today, I knew I had 500 more cals to burn before I could come online WITHOUT checking it on my computer, which is nice. I like it, I just wish it stayed synched more reliably... sometimes during a workout I'll need to re-synch it every 5 minutes. 

I think I need to get the watch band for it... so it will be easier to wear/see all the time. My new obsession is... this. What do you all think?

Adjusting goals:

I decided to adjust my goals... as having lost nearly 40 lbs has surely changed my BMR... and also, I've been setting new requirements for myself, so I might as well make the site mirror them... right? First I had to figure out my new BMR:

So... it's only a change of 80 cals or so, but it seems to make sense ot me... and I want to get in more activity... so here is the new daily plan, for now, when it comes to general numbers. (note, 1500 is a max... not a min)

The only downside to all of this is the beautiful red trendline that I was beating so well has been reset D:!

 I decided to check the nutrition stats  of my plan over the next few weeks... cuz I like graphs and numbers and all that lol. As long as I take my vit, I should be more or less all set :D

Low cal day - No casein shake

Low cal day, no vit but shake.

Current plan with Vit... everything is more or less in good shape :D

High-cal day with a vitamin.

High cal day without vitamin. So... why is b-12 and zinc so hard for me to get? D: Ah well, doesn't matter all that much, does it? since I take a vitamin 95% of the time.

What burns more?

The elliptical trainer wins!

elliptical trainer

Arc Machine

The two cycles were more or less the same... but the one where you sit down with a back support was well... more supportive, so on days where I am all crooked and stuff, that is where I will get warmed up.

seated bike

seated bike but more... well, like a real bike?

I still need to do the express circuit to see how that does. Will post it tomorrow night probably. Super tired, so I gotta go even though I'm sure there are thins in this post that will make me cringe tomorrow (like grammatical errors or random things I wrote while in a semi-passed out state. <3<3<3 you all.


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