6/21/2011 12:24:00 PM

too tired to make a real post

but I will tomorrow.

Also very frustrated with the code for this blog atm. I really want to have the post header for EVERY post show up, but do not know enough about the coding of these templates to do it... if there are any code-guru's out there who can help, I'd greatly appreciated it.

I think I've been looking at too small of a section all the sudden... maybe I'll read the whole template next time... but anyway... it's clean-elegance by Roam2Rome. I love it, except this oen thing. please help if you can <3

update: apparently this is why the timestamp feature instead of the dateheader feature is used by so many people for the title of the posts.... so I've switched it back, much to my dismay :( Booo blogger's coders for making it like that ;(


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