6/25/2011 10:44:00 PM

I was bad today

It's funny... food wise things were looking up. No freak out at breakfast, I was able to eat it all more or less in a normal time frame too. Made myself eat both snacks and lunch even though I was totally not hungry even a little bit just to make it so I could eat dinner at a reasonable time... and, well...

I didn't. 8 pm came around and I just couldn't make myself say "Hey guys, I need another break to eat, be back in 10..." around 7 I started thinking "All I've done... ALL DAY... is eat I feel like :( " and well, Couldn't bring myself to do it again so... in about 5 minutes I will run to burn off the remaining 350ish cals I have to burn today to get to my target burn... and I will do my pilates workout, and I will go to bed, sans dinner.

Ah well! I am justifying it by saying that by being off plan by one meal today, I will be able to be on plan 100% tomorrow (which is true... ran out of chicken and got out of work too late to get that AND workout. And of course, working out >>>>>> eating ESPECIALLY during a hi-cal week!)

Update: Just made my burn... had to run for 7 intervals (was planning on only doing 6). Didn't let myself have any energy drinks... I'd like to say it's cuz I'm trying to be healthier, but I don't think that's the only reason. so tired... but still have pilates to do. 


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