6/12/2011 03:02:00 AM

Planet Fitness Day 2

(June 12th, 2011) it's so late... I should be sleeping now but I wanted to make a post as it's been a few days.

I did join planet fitness, and went after work two days in a row. My first day I did a bit of work on all of the cardio machines with a few minutes in between thinking I could look at the calorie read out on my fit when I got home and see which ones were truly the most effective for me. BUT, the read out didn't show enough difference between things for me to tell when one machine started or stopped so... tonight I did just 3 cardios... 11 min on a bike with a back seat (75-80 rpm, I think lvl 10 resistance? basically... I decided that RPM is good for my hip/back and put it at the highest resistance I could keep it in that range at. As I get fitter, I will increase the resistance) and the arc machine for 11 minutes at 25 resistance, 120-125 strides per minute (same deal as bike... though I could probably go up to 140... we'll see). Then I did the rest of the time I had (after a 10 minute upper body workout (partial)) on the treadmill getting my steps up to over 10000.

I will do the other type of bike, and the eliptical tomorrow... and I will do the 30 minute circuit on Monday + whichever machine burns the most calories at my current fitness level for 30 minutes... with probably a 10 minute warm up on one of the bikes or the treadmill depending on how stiff my back feels.

I may look at golds gyms nearby too... cuz i found a few of those that are 24 hrs as well (which is what I was really looking for lol...) will stick with PF for the month or whatever, but will change over to GG if it is much much better after that if I feel I will keep going to the gym rather than just work out at home AND feel that it is worth whatever the increase in cost is.

Also, got a new toy... need a new scale... and will post the data I get from tonight/tomorrow/monday on Tuesday (my day off!)

Planning on some new thinspo tomorrow.


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