6/15/2011 01:54:00 AM

4 comments in one day!

Hah! omg, I was like passing out a second ago... all ready to write an apology/i'll post in the morning follow up to the 0 readers I thought I had, and now I'm all jazzed and awake because I came on to see that I actually have... well, at least 4 comments. Could all be from the same person, but I don't think so. so good... I'll get the post in I promised tonight.

First though, responses!

Anonymous said... Just stumbled on your blog... good luck to you sister... I am having liposuction tomorrow and using that as my springboard to motivate me to be better about eating less and losing weight. :)
 Good on you girl! I am considering getting Lipo once I'm near my gw, but not for normal reasons... I know I have more adipose tissue than the average person does since I was obese, which means I will regain fat much more easily than a normal person would... I kinda want to see if they can't thin it out. IF I do do it, I want to do the procedure where they kill the fat cells with lasers... not go under the knife. Already had a breast reduction (~6 years ago) and it was the best thing ever. I hope you are happy with your results.

Anonymous said... Hey hun! Thanks for replying to my comment! Aww I didnt relise I was your first comment :) I like reading your blog tho! You are doing so well! Thanks for posting the info on body media fit! I'm from the UK n have after reading your post and looking at the pics I defiantly want to get one! Only thing is I am going to have to save up money to buy it :( Also you inspired me to start measuring myself also :p! Think we are pretty similar actually Atm but you will prob quickly overtake me :):):) Good luck with your weight loss and loving the blog Xxx

It's so worth it, so GL with saving up =] and measuring >>>> weighing, though it is harder to see in the short-term. The number on the scales is no where near as important (to me anyway) as the numbers around my body. :D Comment again with your email if you wanna chat or something, I won't publish it... or like, hit me up on the forums. That's where you found this blog right?

Anonymous said...
You really won't bulk up muscles that much if you're a girl. Just focus on building as much muscle as you can, because the muscles burn more calories just resting than the fat does plus it's more compact, so a pound of muscle takes up a lot less room than a pound of fat.

Trust me, I *try* to build big muscles, but without steroids, our estrogen and testosterone levels don't let us.
Bulking up even a little bit there is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable for me :( And I have massive thighs already from figure-skating and carrying around so much weight so... I am totally up for strengthening, and having muscle help burn fat, but there are areas of my body that are far less toned/built-up/strong than my thunderous thighs so... just gonna leave them be for now.

Nike might be ok with girls having tree-trunk legs as long as they are muscular (pictured above), but I'm not ok with that being me. (don't get me wrong, she is beautiful. just not the kind of beautiful I want to be... I desire length, not mass.) And I just don't see how I have lost 15% of my waist for example... but only 5% of my right thigh (left one... the less muscular one... has lost close to 10% which is more expected/even I think... thus the worries about too much muscle there D:)

Anonymous said...
something I'll suggest is finding a kind of exercise that's fun... for me, just working out in a gym isn't that much fun. I started training in Brazilian jiu jitsu which is great-- fun, challenging to the mind as much as the body, plus the uniform is big and baggy so I don't feel as fat... you can burn up to 1100 calories in a 90 min class, and you won't notice the time go by!

That sounds like a lot of fun! Unfortunately with my back issues I can't do anything like that though, which is why I am focusing on pilates private lessons and lowish-impact cardio. I gotta get my back sorted before I can do anything else. Time doesn't drag for me though anyway, I find it metatitive. It is only hard when I am physically tired, but anything would be. All I gotta do is focus on my fat jiggling or my thighs rubbing each other to keep going though! lol... TMI perhaps... but as the blog title says I am TOBF and as long as I remind myself that, I can get through just about anything =]

I hope the class goes well for you though =] I'm so jealous your body is healthy enough to be able to do something like that.


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