6/01/2011 12:46:00 AM

My scale is kinda freaking me out :(

I got three different readings today when I stepped on it... see, I had been in a plateau for a few days, finally saw a change, and wanted to make sure it was still there. I saw a number of things... a .4 lb gain. a stand still, and a .6 lb loss (which was 2 hrs later cuz I went back to sleep after the first two readings...) not sure what to think about all this :( If I can't trust my scale, how can i monitor my progress?

It's one thing if it doesn't say the same thing as another scale, I can deal with that. But if it isn't consistent even with itself, how can I know the amount I've lost from week to week (important to me!!).

Update: Got multiple readings on the scale again today. Gotta get a new one, this can't keep happening as my decisions are based on seeing what is working to bring weight off and what isn't :( This sucks...


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