6/07/2011 01:26:00 AM

new bra

I've been putting off getting new clothing, because it's expensive, and I'm not where I want to be, but my chest size has changed so much (2.5 inches) that I couldn't use my old bras anymore really... they were gaping in key areas... Shirts can be too big, pants can always be belted... but having the right fit in a bra is so important... for comfort among other things. SO, i went ahead and got one.

She's wearing it, though I got it in a different color. She's actually almost exactly what I want to look like. Hair and all. Didn't know that when I picked it out, but I think it's kinda cool. Anyway... here's to losing enough to need new clothing... and here's praying I'll be able to say the same thing again in 2-3 months.


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