6/07/2011 11:58:00 AM

7 mile walk

Today is my day off, and there is a number of things I will need to do... I'm off to a late start though. Woke up first at 7am, did some reading and went back to sleep... now it's nearly noon. It's ok though, I hadn't gotten 8 hrs of sleep yet, and really wanted to... so I think it's good. I just need to get moving now =]

Because it's my day off, I will double my work out routine to make sure I get in enough steps/calories burned to be close to what I want to be. Usually that would mean 5-6 miles but today I'm going to do a 7 mile walk outdoors... maybe 7.5 if I feel up to it. I did it once before, and it wasn't that hard so I should be able to do it again. Eventually, I want to be able to reverse directions but I don't think I'm there yet. The way I am going now there is about a 1 mile stretch that is all down hill at a pretty large decline. How awesome would it be if I could hike up that hill during the later half of the workout eventually...

In two weeks I'll have 2 days off again and I think I may properly go hiking during one of them at a local mountain I used to go to once a year in elementary school. My goal is to get thin thighs... like, I must have a gap between them before I can stop. So, although running/sprinting burns more, and is faster... even when I decide to do a shorter workout I will not ever try to go over 6 mph I think... which is the average pace a marathon runner uses. Anything faster than that might bulk up my muscles too much :( and... I'll walk more often than I run probably. IDK, it's almost meditative. So I don't mind that it will take me nearly 2.5 hrs to do the walk today. Better get cracking though! so many other things to do!

(gotta check out an organic market in the area and stock up for re-feeding solids into my meal-plan which starts tomorrow).


Anonymous said...

You really won't bulk up muscles that much if you're a girl. Just focus on building as much muscle as you can, because the muscles burn more calories just resting than the fat does plus it's more compact, so a pound of muscle takes up a lot less room than a pound of fat.

Trust me, I *try* to build big muscles, but without steroids, our estrogen and testosterone levels don't let us.

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