5/01/2011 09:15:00 AM

pre-fast weigh-in

I kinda wish the fast were starting on the same day a new workout week does, but oh well! I gotta have a measurement to compare to to see how this experiment works out.

Weight 191 (-1 since last weigh in)
BF% 35.2 (+.6%.... +.8 lbs =[)
Muscle: 52.6 lbs (-2.2 lbs =[)

Overall number went the right way, and honestly +3 lbs of muscle in one week seemed quite unrealistic so... who knows? Other thing is I did a weight lifting workout yesterday so maybe they are still building up... I really don't know how exactly this whole thing works (clearly)

Today, I have two work outs. I've decided to do the cardio one before work (and before driking my first shake) and the toning one after work (with a shake just before it) because there is some other stuff I am supposed to do before work and I probably won't have time to do it and both work outs.


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