4/30/2011 12:20:00 PM

Sometimes I think the internet is my biggest enemy.

I woke up nearly 2 hours ago, but only now am I drinking my whey shake and getting ready for my workout. Why? Because I came online to check if the blogs I follow had been updated... searched for some others that might keep me on track... found a new way to model my weight loss (exciting. mvm (my virtual model) is no longer available on the general web, but still up on facebook!)  and basically did a lot of other totally useless things while laying down (because I hate computer desks...) and burning almost no calories. This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't my day off, as I burn a lot at work... but it is! I think I'll do intervals on the treadmill rather than just walk, and for 45 minutes instead of 30 to help make up for such a lazy start.

Back to the internet though... I love it (obviously), but I feel that I allow it to sabotage not only my weight loss efforts, but my efforts elsewhere in life too. I think I'll try to limit myself to 1hr a day of browsing/posting. Sometimes work puts me online... but for personal use, I really need to cut down.

Update: Walked 3.4 miles outside in 1 hr, which included lots of hills. Haven't connected my FIT to the computer yet to see how many steps/calories it added, but hopefully it helped enough for me not to feel today was a horribly lazy day.


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