5/14/2011 11:49:00 AM


My stupid scale's battery died, so I couldn't measure anything today. Happily, my egg cooking method limits how much I can pour so I know I ate less than 120 grams of egg white, I'll put it in at that number though... spinach was probably between 100-150 grams... so 150 it is. This meant no oatmeal though, as I can't know for sure how much whey I'm putting in.... I was thinking about going to Mac Donalds and getting their real oatmeal instead to have something filling but 260 calories is way too much... mine is only 71 :(

I'll get salads and a battery before I eat lunch, since I can't measure things out here it means no cooking... but at least I can measure what I get out there. It'll be good... I'll have one that is with roast beef, since I rarely cook it, and one that is roast chicken breast... for a total estimate of 270 calories (both meals).

That will bring me to a total of 380 calories for the day which is still quite low... so I'll have to make sure I have a shake when I get home... question is should it be before or after my workout... hmmm.

damned button cell batteries.


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