5/03/2011 10:02:00 PM

20 pounds lighter and yet more of a fat cow?

I wasn't going to measure the changes in my size until Thursday when I do this weeks official weigh in... but recently I've felt I have more of a gut than I ever did before. I mean, clearly I'm nearly if not actually 20lbs lighter, but I feel like the distribution of fat has changed. I feel uncomfortable when I'm sitting in my car for example. Like my ribcage is sitting on a huge pot belly, which is something I never had before... I was fat but smooth more or less...

Maybe it's because my cycle is coming soon, I don't know... all I know is my body feels different in a negative way which is totally not what one would expect after losing about a clothing size at least on her top... Wish my bottom half would follow suit :(

Anyway... here are the unofficial measurements, not that it's likely to change in two days....

9-Apr 3-May      change
Bust 40.75 40 -0.75
Waist 36.5 34.5 -2
Hips 46.5 44.25 -2.25
Left Arm 14.75 14.25 -0.5
Right Arm 14.75 14.5 -0.25
Left Thigh 27.25 26.5 -0.75
Right Thigh 27.25 26.75 -0.5

Total inches Lost -7

so... why do I feel fatter? Maybe this is why?


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