5/15/2011 12:24:00 AM

End of first month of Brazil Butt Lift

11.6 inches down.... 25 (+... not sure how much the arms need to lose to be a size 4) more to go. It seems quite far away.... even for the size 6, which is acceptable, I'll need to lose 21 more inches.

Today, I ate one of these. I had half at lunch and half at dinner. now that I have my batteries again, I'll need to make sure I make my oatmeal in the morning because that was 170 calories that came from pure grain and sugar (D:!!!!) rather than just the bran, and it was the best out of a large number of bad options at the GNC I went to. /sigh.

Finally, I'm trying to decide if I should stick with Brazil Butt Lift after this week or not. I don't feel like my lower half is losing size as fast as my upper half, and it bothers me that I am so unbalanced. I suspect it may be because I am building muscle in my lower body... maybe I ought to let it atrophy a bit? Any tips from people who previously had thunder thighs but are now skinny bitches? I'd love you to the bones if you'd pass them on.


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