5/23/2011 12:37:00 AM

Life stuff

So... Things are looking up in real life. I was promoted two days ago, and may get an even better offer from another company in a week and a half. Either way, this coming week will be the last one where I spent ridiculous amounts of time traveling to and from work (5 hours sometimes...) which means, I will be able to get more on track than I have been for the last week and a half.

This week I have walked every day, and will continue to. If I have time/energy I will also do physio/stretching and stuff. But the walking is most important. My original plan was to do 30-60 minutes per day but now I am going to do 2.5miles per day (which is 45-50 min for me). The bulk of the walking will be done at 3-3.5 mph (I've been going at 3.4 for most of it because I read while I walk on the treadmill and 3.5 is too hard for me to keep up and do that =[ ) and at a 2-3 degree incline.

Tomorrow, as I don't have to go to work until late and it will be a short day, I will check out a yoga/Pilates studio near where I will be working, and will probably sign up for 10 private lessons. I will ask them to teach me two thirty minute routines; one that focuses on overall body strength and the other which will help with flexibility and core,that I can do at home. Once I get them down, I want them to put me on those crazy pulley machines and bust my ass once a week..

I enjoyed BBL while I was doing it, and will likely do it again, but during every workout there were times where my weaker side made it hard, if not impossible, for me to do the workout... so I want to do something that will even out my body, and put me into a place where I can easily do at home workouts which are meant for moderately healthy people.

Finally, I'm thinking about getting a juicer. Any thoughts on that?


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