5/05/2011 08:45:00 AM

Week 6!

It's actually been a few more than 42 days as I've moved weigh-ins up to mid week from Sunday BUT, here are the stats from the last official weigh-in!! (Super exciting)

Weight: 187 (-5LBS)
 BF%: 34
Muscle Mass: 53.3

Changes since the last official weigh in:
-2.85 lbs of fat
-1.5 lbs of muscle :(

Changes since start of fast:
-3.65 lbs of fat!!!
+.7 lbs of muscle

In Graph form, here is where I've come so far :D (note: I had lost 2 lbs before subscribing to this service, total is 21!)

the red line represents the healthy rate of 2lbs lost per week. Purple is what I've actually been doing. Each one of the thick horizontal lines basically represents a major mile marker in my journey. I can't wait to cross the next one! (Halfway Mark)

Now that I have been under the obesity line for a few days, and actually dropped even further below it than I expected (I was thinking 188 or 189), I totally deserve my luxury day tomorrow :D I can't wait!

I'm still quite heavy, so I expect the next few weeks will continue to be 2+ lbs per week, but I think I am probably nearing the stretch where things might slow down a lot... I'm sure it will start within the next 20lbs of weight to lose. When I do start stagnating, I hope I'll remember to look back at this post, because this has been a more challenging week than most (with the liquid protien diet), but I haven't messed up! Infact, I've learned that I can easily function on an all liquid diet, which I think is something I will be able to use to break any plateaus I experience.

Usually I think these posters are kinda dumb, but this is how I feel atm so, whatever.


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