5/22/2011 12:26:00 AM

Tip 8 - 腹八分

The Japanese, one of the thinnest people on the planet, have a guideline which says to only eat until one is 80% full. This tip relates somewhat to the first one, which explains that our brain lags behind what our stomach is actually feeling. 

This practice of eating only until you are 80% full will do the following for you:

* keep you from the physical discomfort of being overfead.
*significantly cut calories.
* Teach you to listen to your body's needs more.
*Actually lead to greater satisfaction from the meal.

Now, this doesn't mean to leave 20% of your food on the plate. Rather, take 20% less, so that you don't waste anything.  The idea here is to not waste food, or caloric intake needlessly.


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