5/16/2011 12:40:00 AM

Bad bad me...

I didn't work out last night. Sleep was more important, and I do think I would have suffered if I hadn't slept. As penance I walked for 1 hour today and did 1 of the two workouts I skipped yesterday + todays workout. The one I didn't do was the ab workout because I will need to do that tomorrow morning as well, and didn't want my abs to be so sore it was pointless... so I will do that + lots of walking on Wednesday (my usual day off).

My pants are slowly starting to slip down my hips It's kinda exciting... However, the prospect of buying new clothing for each size is daunting. I'll need to get a belt... and I've decided I can get new work clothing when I reach Size 10 (a M at last!!).


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