5/02/2011 11:41:00 PM

My take on the Protiens I am taking

Well.. for flavors...

Chocolate (Whey) >> Raspberry Smoothie (Casein) >>>>>Cookies and Cream (Whey) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Peach Mango (Whey).

Honestly, the Raspberry Smoothie is actually very tasty, I just didn't mix it very well so it's kinda chunky which is gross :( I think I'll like it a lot though once I figure out how to mix it right. It's very thick though... so it will be VERY important to make sure there is a lot of time between my last whey shake and the Casein one. Also... it seems like it would be much more filling, so I'm wondering if Whey throughout the day is really the way to go.

I really want to get in touch with a nutritionist, though I'm sure they will just say "That's really unhealthy, diet the normal way" to which I'll laugh... because normal doesn't work for me. I can't stick with it long enough. /sigh.


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