5/28/2011 12:53:00 AM

Natural = Better?

(TMI Alert) Thing's haven't been moving along quite as often as one might like lately... so I bought some tea that is supposed to help during a trip to Whole Foods to look at how much MasterCleanse materials will roughly cost when I do it (August). So far the only effects have been to make me feel bloated, and dehydrated :( Which brings me to the question...

Why does everything think (me included at times) that all natural = better/safer? Some of the most poisonous substances in the world are 'all natural'. Many come from plants as the link shows, others from animals... and idk, I just don't get why we often fall into the trap of thinking all natural = healthier. Anyway... drinking my tea now, maybe tomorrow will see more results. This tea is cheaper than the one commonly used by master cleansers, so I thought I'd see if it works for future reference too... if things aren't better I might try out the SW flush... i'd kinda like to weigh in empty tomorrow just for kicks.


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