5/07/2011 11:55:00 PM

Refeeding Plan Revised

So, I've decided to make tomorrow a shake + veggies only day. My first idea was to have a normal breakfast, but I think that will be too much change. Instead, I have divided up a number of raw veggies to be snacked on during the day. I will not force myself to take in anymore than I am hungry for... but assuming I did eat them all, I would be going from approximately 550 calories in a day to roughly 800.

Instead I think I'll end up eating them over two days, and add egg to breakfast on the second. the third will be fish + cooked veggies, and the forth day will be back to normal. I'd love to stick with raw veggies all the time, but I can't :( it's too expensive at the quantities I eat. I also wanted to go all organic, especially during this re-feeding time... but without any WholeFoods markets in the whole state, and the only organic market I know about being quite far from where I work... I was limited by the horrible selection at the market I went to. I'll have to plan a bit better next time I guess... Ah well.


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