5/02/2011 10:31:00 AM

Fast 1 Day 2 blues

 I didn't drink a shake before my workout, because it seemed to be ok yesterday but I couldn't do probably 30% of it :( I got that whole sick/need to vomit feeling I wrote about during my first work out 3 weeks ago. So... I think I'll go back to my original plan which is to drink a shake first thing when I wake up.

Part of this may be the whole "you shouldn't work out a lot during a fast" thing, but I don't buy that. I just won't push myself as hard if I feel sick, thus the half-assed but I'm still going to count it workout today.

Because I don't feel well now, I plan to do the ab portion of the workout when I get home from work. Funfun.

unrelated but... morning weigh in:

189 LBS!! (I am not going to mark it off as official until my Thursday weigh in though. if it stays that way for a few days, I figure it can count)
-1.48 LBS of fat
+-0 LBS of muscle! (I'll take it!)


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