5/21/2011 12:55:00 AM

Family Dinners

My mom recently came across a recipe for bruschetta which she claimed was absolutely divine, and wouldn't be against my diet as the only bad thing it has in it is Olive Oil, which in her opinion isn't all that bad. And... admittedly, when compared to other fats, it isn't.  So, when she asked to cook it for me I thought "Sure, I can just have a little on top of my steak or something... and make sure I don't have too much of that either."

I even skipped lunch today, thinking it would leave room for the extra calories I was sure to eat at dinner... well, for the first time since starting this journey I made a couple major mistakes... and at the end of this post, I'm going to (live... kinda?) calculate the damage I've done today... and yes, I am sure it will be over 600 calories, which will seem like serious damage. Especially considering how little I did today as it was my first day off in two weeks after days of open-close shifts at work.

sidenote: I haven't gone over 600 calories since the protien fast started, and although this was never a plan of mine, I don't think I can comfortably go over that number now until I've reached my goal and am trying to stabilize my metabolism into a maintaining cycle.

So... here are the mistakes:

1. I didn't add an extra vegetable to the plate, so I not only felt as if I COULD, but that I had to eat more of the tomato basil mixture which inspired the whole meal.

2. Despite being satisfied, I went for seconds to please my mom.

ugh.... so, it's been a while since I listed my daily intake but....


100g egg whites
100g spinach
12g oat bran
1/2 tsp cinnamon
10g vanillla isopure whey protien

Calories: 144


Iced Tea 

Calories: 8


164g Broiled Sirloin
 271g tomato/basil/garilic stuff
+10 calories because she used oil to help get the beef seasoned too.... (didn't know until I had eaten D: ) 

472 or more... see note.

Assumed intake: 624, but may have been as high as 747.... I don't think the beef had 1/4" fat before being broiled though... so for once I'm assuming the lower of the two options. Either way, that one dinner was almost as much as I eat in one day usually. I don't think skipping lunch had anything to do with this binge... more that I thought it wasn't TOO damaging, and that I wanted to make the cook happy. The kicker is that if I had stayed with my original serving, I would have just been over 504 for my total, which is closer to what I do on a daily basis than 600 is anyway...

I just hope this doesn't put a huge damper on weight loss this week... not the best way to start out. I walked 50 minutes before coming up to write this just to help counter it... was only going to do 30 or so initially. And finally... after finishing the second plate, I had a slight urge to purge... which I didn't do because... ewww... and, that would be decidedly very unhealthy, which is against my whole mantra. Moderately unhealthy (ie. extremish restriction) is one thing, but...


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