5/01/2011 11:27:00 PM

Sloshy Tummy

Day one of the fast is nearly complete. I didn't feel many pangs, largely because I am actually taking in calories I'm sure. I did, however, feel the liquids sloshing about inside sometimes. It was kind of uncomfortable. I have the casien shake left to drink... but I'm not hungry at all :( I need to go to bed soon though, and can't afford to lose muscle, so I think I'll have to suck it up =/

I also discovered that drinking nearly 1.5 liters of ice cold water in a short time causes me significant discomfort. I'm all for burning more calories by being cool, but I was downright freezing and didn't feel better until I worked out to the point of sweating.

Update: After posting this, I waited for another half hour but was still too full to drink another shake so my total intake for the day was 120 calories less than it should have been. Ah well!


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