5/17/2011 01:24:00 AM

Lemon on Salad

When I was a kid, I used to HATE salad dressing. Infact, I didn't start adding the fattening, completely empty calories until late high-school. From probably the age of 6 until 16 I would always ask for a few slices of lemon on the side of any salad I got. I think the above video is what inspired my extreme dislike of sauces.

Even now aside from Caesar, Italian or occasionally goma (a Japanese type of salad dressing), I really don't like most dressings and sauces, not that I even eat those anymore. Mayonnaise has been the bane of my existence since as long as I can remember. I never ate anything but mustard on sandwiches, and even that was very rare... tomato based sauces like BBQ were only to be used in the most sparring of ways... like, dip a prong of my fork in it to flavor every 2-3 bites of whatever.

It's interesting... the longer I successfully live out this effort to lose all the excess crap I've added to my body over the last decade or so... the more I realize I was very restrictive before I let myself go... and many of these new habits really aren't new at all... just forgotten.


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