5/10/2011 11:07:00 AM

Last day of Brazil But Lift "Slim Down" Program

Once I complete my two work outs today, I will have finished the first cycle of Brazil But Lift. I am trying now to decide what to do with it starting Thursday... The thing is, the work out plan he suggests after the first month involves nearly 1.5 hours of working out each day, which will be very hard to maintain this week at least because I have multiple 12+ hr days (not including the driving...) so I think that what I will do for this week is alternate between a number of 50 minute plans... at least for this week... if I don't see much of a change in my body from the decreased workout schedule than I'll change it to what he suggests even if it will be hard to manage with my schedule... if not, I may continue this until my work schedule settles some.

Day 1: Bum Bum + Tummy Tuck (The two work outs I have the most difficulty completing.)
Day 2: Sculpt
Day 3: Bum Bum + Tummy Tuck
Day 4: High and Tight + 20 minutes (or more) of walking on the treadmill or outside
Day 5: Bum Bum + Tummy Tuck
Day 6: Sculpt

My goal is to, within the week, complete both Bum Bum and Tummy Tuck 100% without wanting to die. The two of these workouts contain moves that are either hard for me to do at all, or are hard for me to do at the pace they do them in the video... I hate Bum Bum. I often feel an overwhelming urge to turn it off in the middle... so I'm taking this to be my Gurugita... a prayer that the author of Eat Pray Love struggles with for a long time in her Ashram. Her mastering it, and finding a way to complete it with purpose and acceptance signals a turning point in her journey... I hope the same will apply when I master these two work outs... I need to 'tame' them if I want to achieve my goals, and the decreased time will help me continue to be active without taking a day off, which is also very important.


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