5/03/2011 11:53:00 PM

Fast 1 Day 3 - Casein is still chunky :(

what the peach mango
might as well have been
I returned the vile whey protien today and got a second 3 pound tub of the chocolate kind, which has a few more calories, but is infinitely easier to drink. I will try the vanilla flavor tomorrow too, as a drink, to see how it is, because it's 0 carb AND in the bran oatmeal like stuff it's tasty so... maybe that would be good.

I got a bigger shaker bottle today to try and solve the chunky casein issue, and it helped but it still wasn't perfect. Maybe tomorrow night will be better. In summation, day 3 is done without any temptation to break the fast, so I think I'll be fine until Saturday.

After the fast is done, I think I will look at the master cleanse as a possible fast for June. It will depend on where I'm working I think... Right now it would be impossible to do that because I drive too much and imagine I would be quite tired on the 10 day cleanse.... but I'm trying to get a new job, or at least a more stable position in my current company, and hopefully by June I will have accomplished that!

If I can't do the master cleanse, I might go for a mostly vegetable juice fast, at least for 3-4 days. After that I will probably switch back to protien because I am quite scared of losing muscle... at least until I'm closer to my end goal. at 128 lbs having 50+ lbs of muscle as a girl wouldn't be normal... though if it looks good, I'll keep it! For now it's vital though.


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