4/07/2011 12:22:00 AM

so behind...

Although it might not seem it if you (as if anyone is reading this) were to look at the blog, but I am actually still on the program. I've just fallen behind on logging meals on the secondary website I use which shows a easy to understand breakdown of nutrition (micro nutrients especially), which is where I get my bargraphs which is why I haven't posted anything >.< it's quite time consuming on that site.

In other news, I'm testing out a new way to make spending time on the internet less wasteful! I purchased a mini-stationary bike today, and have been riding it for nearly 10 minutes now while signing in and all that good stuff. It will be interesting to see how it helps, or doesn't, with burning calories. I'm not all that impressed atm without seeing any data because there is barely any resistance on the one that I got, but it is an intriguing idea, and I may look to more expensive ones if this seems to bring any results at all.


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