4/17/2011 09:51:00 AM

Disappointing week :(

I started at 198 this week. This morning I was 197.6.  That's hardely anything :( Also... I was at 197 earlier this week.

Good news is I've lost body fat and gained muscle. So perhaps that's where the numbers are coming from...It looks like I list just under a pound of body fat. ( (.367*198)-(.364*197.6)= 0.8396 lbs).

Action Plan:
  • Cut out all fruit from diet once I've eaten everything I've already bought as I hate to waste food/money.
  • Start a protein modified fast May 1st to last 7 days. (Whey protein shakes and a cup of broccoli in the morning to keep the bowels moving... +supplements.)
  • Cut out the nuts from the diet too, again once I've eaten everything I've already paid for. Extra fat from eating = less fat being burned on my body.
I was trying to keep the calorie intake up because it's reportedly unhealthy to do otherwise, but this is dumb... how can anyone stay motivated when they are losing so little?

I think I'll be buying this book tonight. 3-5 lbs of fat off per week sounds a lot more like what I want to be accomplishing.


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