4/10/2011 06:29:00 PM

Lazy Day...

While writing this blog I am doing my first "exercise" (mini-bike) for the day... how lazy... part of me is thinking I'll never stop being a fat ass if I do this, but the other part says "your new workout will be quite challenging, it's best to start out fresh..." Next week I am scheduled, as I am starting a new exercise video/plan, to have 2 off days but I will probably only take one off and jogging in the morning for the other day. Maybe later tonight I'll take a long walk on the treadmill... not sure. No jogging though. Today is the worst day for cramps in my cycle so I feel like I can excuse myself for that reason along with the whole starting a new program thing.

Speaking of which, I haven't really posted about how I've added exercise yet lol... Monday-Saturday I did interval cardio where for 2 minutes I would walk at 3 MPH and 1 minute I would jog at 4MPH with a 2~3 degree incline depending on how strong I was feeling that day. You will see one day where I didn't do so well in the activity level/burn. The reason for that is I was wearing a different pair of shoes than I normally do for the first 7 minutes until I could feel a blister forming. My knees were also hurting from the added impact. It's funny because those shoes, by Nike, are actually DESIGNED for running. The shoes I will ALWAYS use on the treadmill from now on are MBTs, which are amazing.  Anyway, I kicked them off and tried to finish barefoot but that hurt too (thought not as much as the shoes) so I had to stop mid workout to put my good shoes on.

Not as if anyone has been reading, but.... a few things are going to change with the daily intake posts... One is that I am going to date them for the day that the food was eaten, not for when I actually get around to making the post. I figure most people won't read them all that much anyway... it is just more a way for me to keep myself honest. The other thing is that I am no longer going to do the bar charts because they take too much freaken time. I've requested that BodyMedia add that feature to their online application for the Fit... Hopefully they will. It's too bad because it was very informative and helped me know I wasn't doing anything horrible to my body. Maybe I'll enter it in every now and again as a random sampling just to be sure.


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