4/26/2011 07:21:00 PM

A fantasy I had about 10 years ago...

I started to gain the weight I am so desperately trying to lose in High School. I blame the cafeteria, no limits to how much we ate... and my friends and family, for not telling me what was happening. I also blame my sport, and injury... apparently it is quite common for people who were super athletic but suddenly had to stop because of an injury or something to gain a lot of weight. Makes sense... you don't think to change your eating habits but suddenly need far less calories... and at least in my case, although I could still do cardio and weight training, I didn't understand why I would want to. The only reason I worked out at least 3 hours a day was to be a better at what I did when I was on the ice.

I don't think I realized I was gaining lots of weight until junior or senior year, but it still wasn't terrible... it wasn't my worst. The breakdown happened after university. Still, I had a passing thought around when I was probably becoming aware of and slightly unhappy with my weight gain while watching Terence Stamp in "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" have nothing but pills and water for breakfast when they break down in the middle of the outback. I thought, "How nice would it be if we could really do that. No waste... no extra calories... just exactly what we need." This was probably late sophomore or early junior year...This thought would randomly pop back up from time to time in college, but I never really researched it for lack of money.

I think that this is what has informed how I will go about my fast starting Sunday.


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