4/25/2011 11:59:00 PM

Tip #8

Use supplements to make up for fatigue, increase the efficacy of your work outs, and address any deficiencies your diet is causing you to experience. 

This last week, I have found the two best supplements ever... at least for me!.

One is, as I suspect you are aware... Whey Protein! The shakes are thin and don't taste at all like what they are advertised to taste like, as I mix them with water, but the last two days I have had it before my workouts I have been able to put so much more power into them. Part of it may be that my body is changing, but I do believe that part of it is the fact I am fueling it a tiny bit before hand and prepping it for recovery afterward too... I took up whey because I was worried about muscle mass loss, and now I will be able to not only protect it (in theory... yet to actually be seen), but I will be able to put more into what develops it and what burns the fat away.

The other is B12... (I drink it in this form). While shopping at a random grocery store I never go to I saw the sugarless b12 packs... and went ahead and got them because I had heard from some coworkers at a previous job that B12 was a major pick-me-up vitamin. I tried it for the first time tonight because often while driving home from a closing shift I feel dangerously close to passing out and driving off the road. I mixed one of these with 16 oz of water around 6pm, when I was starting to fade at work, and anytime I felt tired I'd go into the back and take a few sips... I had probably about 3oz left before I had to drive home, and finished it off as I walked to the car, and there wasn't a single moment during my car ride back that I found difficult to keep my eyes open. It's a godsend. I'll just need to figure out the timing a little better so it won't effect my ability to get to sleep when I'm safe at home, but at least I know I can get there safely now regardless of the time I get off of work!

so... moral of the story: Listen to your bodies needs, and find some way to meet them that not only doesn't compromise your weight loss efforts, but actually improves upon them.


tobf said...

As a side comment... and I know this sounds kinda contradictory... but I feel that most supplements are unnecessary and do little more than make your pee expensive.

That said, I've felt real effects from these two... so really, the moral of the story is... research what something might do to help you overcome some obstacle you see in your weight loss plan... try it out, and if it works, keep it in. If you don't notice a difference though, drop it.

ex. Multi-Vitamins are a waste of money for most people in most situations. That said, I will absolutely take two of them while protien fasting because without the veggies and fruits I eat, there is no way I can get those nutrients... and even some is better than none. Once I'm back on solid foods though, they'll go back to being something I take *maybe* once a week on days I feel I might need a bit more calcium or something.

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