4/25/2011 11:12:00 AM

TMI perhaps

I realize this is kinda gross, but whenever I... evacuate a lot of waste in the morning I get myself on the scale just to see what's up. I'm down to 191.2 lbs today... fat percent went down too, in fact... I lost 1.5lbs of fat yesterday apparently... which seems insane, but whatever, I'll take it. I also lost .7 lbs in muscle :( which is no good... but I only started supplementing my diet with protien in the morning so hopefully that will stop soon. I'm posting this to project that by the end of the weekend, I will no longer be "obese I", which is very exciting. I think my reward for achieving this goal will be to go to Lush and get a TON of fun bath products so I can have a luxurious soak and pamper day (after work outs of course!).


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