4/09/2011 11:58:00 AM

Green Tea Soy Latte without Syrup STILL = the devil D:

Evil evil starbucks... as soon as I sipped the drink I knew I was in trouble. I assumed it would just be soy milk and maccha, but NO... no, the maccha powder Starbucks uses is sweetened already so even IF you say "unsweetened" what you are really saying is "not extra sweetened".

This was yesterday's mistake... happily I was still under the 1580 limit I'm putting myself under but still... what a horrible mistake. As stated before, plan everything! Research EVERYTHING. the worst thing is there was an apple store just a few stores down... a little preliminary research would have told me that I should have stuck with a black coffee instead, because the damage the green drink will do to your plan is substantial.


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