4/24/2011 08:17:00 AM

Early Riser

So, I'm up nice and early :D I have a lot planned for today, although it's my only day off for only god knows how long... I will Clean my room, my car, part of the house I am living in.... I weighed in already, I need to work out... which I will do right after posting this. I will also catch up on some consulting work I do, and on backlogged posts.

Because today is *NOT* a work day, after i've done all of the chores around the house I will check on my status for activity and may walk/run/some combo of both for a bit to bring my activity time up. No more lazy days!

Weigh in had some good and some very bad news (imo)...

CW 193.4 (-2 lbs since Wednesday = good news!)
Muscle Mass: 51.8 lbs (-1.7 lbs since I started tracking = bad news :=[ )

This means that nearly all the weight I lost was muscle and water contained by that muscle. I don't get it... I'm weight lifting, and on average I'm eating 95 or so grams of protein per day, how am I losing muscle? I did have 2 very bad days this week, so that must be what it's from but... idk... two pounds in 3 days from muscle is kind of scary.

I'm going to have to up my protein uptake more... perhaps I'll start drinking a whey shake every day before my workout. 20g of protein and during a critical time of the day. I'm hoping that the muscle I've lost is at least from areas I don't want as much of it... like the top of my thighs or my huge calves rather than from the places I need it (hamstrings... arms... core...)

*update* apparently the average woman is only about 36% skeletal muscle. This means that at my ideal weight I should have 46.08 lbs of muscle so I guess it isn't terrible that I am losing muscle mass... However, muscle burns more calories, and I want to be 18% BF which means I should have more muscle mass than the average woman... so idk, this seems confusing :(

The whole protein thing is confusing too. There are so many mixed messages available. Vegans and Raw Foodists all talk about how horrible excessive protein is, especially for your bones... but for a dieter it seems like a super food. It was suggested that only 10% of your calories come from protien. That would be less than 30g per day... which seems much to low for my goals. Perhaps once I reach my ideal weight, and have stabilized my metabolism, I can listen to them...

Yesterday I read about 1/2 of the Ducan Diet book, he suggested .5 grams of protein per lb. it seems more doable than what body builders quote (.7-.9)... I'm going to shoot for between the two of those. .6 per lb. So, I need to increase my protein intake by about 20g per day for now, which is in line with my idea of having a Whey shake before my workouts. Time to go do that!


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