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Day 1 - Ease In

So... this is copied and pasted from another journal.... Read below and you'll understand why, but basically, I need to limit my internet time so I'm not sure if any of my journals will really have content spesific to them other than replies to people's comments for a while... Oh Well!!

Blue will indicate a comment I've added in while editing to make sure it makes sense... so at least that will be new lol >.<


Time management, I think, will be the biggest challenge for me during this cleanse... specifically the timing of the SWF. So... Today I've solidified a plan because... well, I spend about 11 hrs a day at work/commuting between work and home... which only leaves 5 waking hours if I want to properly sleep 8, which I think I should at least give myself the chance to do while on the MC.... so I need to make sure I'm doing everything right.

My biggest time sinks are the internet and exercise. Of the two, only the internet can really be cut back on SO.... my plan as follows:

9:50 PM - Senna Tea
10 pm - bed
6 am - wake and drink SWF
6-7am internet time/wait for SWF
7-7:45 or 8 - walk
8 am- First glass of lemonade/leave for work if I am opening.
11am - 2nd glass
2 pm - 3rd glass
5 pm - 4th glass
8 pm - 5th glass

*6th glass will be drank during commute back home to help me stay awake. I always get sleepy when I drive D:
*My goal is to have a daily deficit of 1500 calories, I cannot be on the internet or engage in any other leisure activity I like until I've met that goal.
*I will spend lunch breaks walking to help meet the goal :P

So... from now on, in the morning, I will update how the previous day went. In that vein!

Ease in Day 1


* 156.0 Grams Apple 81c
* 165.0 Grams Blackberries 71c
* 56.0 Grams Rawganic Sun-Flax Raisin "Bread" 105c
Total: 257c

After AM workout:

* 85.0 Grams DOLE Baby Spinach Leaves 20c
* 85.0 Grams Kiwi Fruit 52c
Total: 72c


* 180.0 Grams Broccoli 61c
* 175.0 Grams Carrots, Baby 61c
* 60.0 Grams DOLE Baby Spinach Leaves 14c
* 118.0 Grams Tomato, Cherry, Fresh 21c
Total: 158

Pre-Workout Snack:

* 20.0 Grams Onions, Red, Sliced 8c
* 90.0 Grams Pepper, Bell or Sweet 13c
* 91.0 Grams Rawganic Sun-Flax Raisin "Bread" 171c
* 64.0 Grams Tomato, Cherry, Fresh 12c
Total: 204


* 125.0 Grams Broccoli 43c
* 131.0 Grams Cauliflower, Chopped 33c
* 77.0 Grams DOLE Baby Spinach Leaves 18c
* 51.0 Grams Onions, Red, Sliced 21c
* 155.0 Grams Pepper, Bell or Sweet 22c
* 88.0 Grams Tomato, Cherry, Fresh 16c
Total: 153

Day's Total in: 843
Total out: 2453
Deficit: 1609

Not bad... I could have saved myself some major grief on the treadmill at night if I hadn't had the damned rawganic bread replacement thingy, but I was curious (it was good... tasted like buttered raisin toast...). Sometimes I think "it would be cool to be vegan/raw." and since I was in a health-food store to get all that stuff AND it is technically a living food, which is what the first day is all about... all raw living foods, I figured eating just one serving (the one I had at breakfast) wouldn't be bad. Of course... throughout the day, as I went shopping for other supplies at a proper whole foods market and stuff, the fact that today was my last day of solids for a while, and that I'd have to throw out the other serving wore on the COE part of my brain... so I rationalized another 105 calories....

Which would have been fine! Not ideal, but fine... BUT, the package was wrong about how many servings were in there... It is supposed to only have 4 oz total but it had more than 5! WTF. And... I couldn't bring myself to throwing it away, so I ate it too. *fatass*

Now... idk if the MC really works... like, if it really peels away at layers of scum and toxins in your body... but it will certainly peel away at some of the waste (fat)... and even if it doesn't do all of the other cleansing things it's supposed to... I want to use it as a way to cleanse my mind of stupid habits. I hope that it will be a time of introspection... if I can lose some weight and some things that weigh me down mentally, it will be a major success... so... Lesson one....

EATING SOMETHING YOU DON'T NEED IS JUST AS WASTEFUL AS THROWING IT OUT.... AND more shameful, because it will show for the world to see.

I mean, seriously... idk how many of you feel this way, but if it's on my plate... I have always felt obligated to finish it because it's "wasteful" to throw it out... but if it's more than your body needs... how is that not a waste as well? I remember my ex one said when he was a kid his parents told him to finish his meal b/c there were starving kids in Africa, and he replied "Then send them my leftovers!" So true! Me being a pig and eating the excess food doesn't help anyone at all. WASTE.

So... Objective #1 is to stop being a gluttonous, wasteful person... Prepare/buy only what I need and will use within the allotted time... and leave the rest behind!

In other fronts... I told my mother I was doing this and she kinda flipped. But I talked her down from it, and it's ok. However, I think it will limit my length to (max) 14 days b/c while I think I could sneak in another 4... adding another week to that would certainly not go unnoticed. Ah well... let's get through 10 first, eh?

Also... I want to spend at least 1 hr studying each day... and 30min-1hr cleaning my life out of physical clutter too... Let this be 2 weeks of self-improvement and simplification!


Y.C. Phantomhive87 said...

Good luck tobf! I hope you reach your goals hon! Love you! Be safe!

Dandelion Clock said...

Yes, good luck! You're always so methodical and you get great results from it, I'm sure MC will go well for you ^___^ xxx

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