7/22/2011 02:02:00 AM

Week 17 Weigh in and Summary


Weight: 153.4 (-1.2... in a week?!)
BF%: 24.7 (-1.224 lbs in fat... at least that's good)
Muscle: 50.9 (+.2)

So... seriously? I mean, my deficit was over 1800 a day... but only one fucking lb shifted? Ugh ugh ugh... So... it's either because I didn't get to empty my bowels this morning or because stopping diet pills = approaching plateau (this is the same as I was on Monday... so no change in 3 days)... (or some combo of the two)... I should have a moment tomorrow after all the fiber I ate today so the question is... do I weigh in then? Or wait until Monday like planned...  not sure :( I mean, what if I am all... full again Monday morning?

I'm going to stick with the plan (protien shakes after muscle building work outs, two high cal days etc...) for next week too because... well, it's a week... it sucks, and I REALLY want at least to be <150 by August but... ugh, idk... I want to give the healthish restriction/muscle building a fair run... I mean... well, tbh I'm very conflicted about this (clearly).

Part of me wants to say "to hell with worrying about muscle mass loss. When you worry, you only lose 1.2 lbs... when you go all out, you lose 4.8... 4.8 is clearly better than 1.2!" ...But the rational part is saying "despite the slow down, building muscle will help you in so many ways b/c it will keep you from being skinny fat and it will help you not regain b/c it will keep your metabolism up." So... voice of reason gets another week... Then it's time for the master cleanse, so it doesn't matter what it or ED side says... from July 29th ~ August 14th, everything is decided already.... except what kind of exercise I'll be doing :3 (I figure... I probably shouldn't go for the same intensity.... although I want to)

In other news...the person I worked with today said I was looking really skinny and asked that I slow down... "I hope that's what you want to hear" he said. wtf... i mean, thanks, I guess... but, even in the USA no one thinks a size 8 is actually skinny, do they? I was so tempted to say "you only think that cuz you know what I looked like before... if your female friends came in I guarantee at least 2-3 of them are smaller than me, and you don't think they look bad...." but felt that trying to justify it would just call more attention to the fact that I'm not doing this the "right" way.

Back to the issue at hand (loss this week) The only good news is if I average out how much I've lost I'm still at an average of -3.something per week. Just gotta keep it up!


Y.C. Phantomhive87 said...

Good job! And people are so odd. I was asked when I got boobs yesterday. Like I suddenly misplaced them. People really are lame sometimes lol! Anywho keep up the good work hon! Love you! Be safe!

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