7/26/2011 01:56:00 PM

water (and sobe life water 0) fast

Today is my first day off in a while. It hasn't been a great one... I was supposed to hear back from a job interview last week and didn't so I called today just to find out that the person in charge is on vacation all week... it's just frustrating. That + the low losses lately has got me down, so here I am... with only 10 hrs left to the day and I still haven't eaten (b/c I still haven't gotten out of bed) and you know what... I'm not going to! Water and 0 cal vitamin supplemented drinks only today!

All 2500 calories I burn today will be coming from my body... and while I'd rather not lose any muscle this week, if I lose a little today fuck it. I'm not eating because if I don't lose at least 2 lbs this week I'm going to freak... and today alone should be very close to one if the math actually really means anything!

Time to go for a 3 mile walk... then I'll do pilates, study, and do another walk later this evening. I won't try to run if I'm not feeling up to it b/c of the fast, but the steps/calories will be in place. If I can do it on nothing I can certainly pull it off during MC too! As for MC workout plans... I'm thinking however long I need to walk to get my steps in (probably 90-120 minutes) + 4~6x 5 minute HIIT throughout the day so that I still get some vigorous exercise in, but not too much at once. boyah! I will break out of this plateau.


Y.C. Phantomhive87 said...

Good luck hon!

tobf said...

threw in a splenda coke as well, but the plan still stands. 0 calorie drinks only (total will be around 30 calories I figure since they have 4 calories per serving right? but can still say 0...).

Just got back from a 1.5 hr walk. Will do another 3 miles later, and did HIIT interval #1. not sure how many of those I'll do today... maybe 4.

Katy Love said...

Good luck with the rest of the day dear.

2lbs a week is my new goal too. At that rate I'll be at my goal weight by... next June! Lol kinda a depressing.

But anyways, I know you can do it!!! Stay safe <3

tobf said...

I will only burn about 2100 calories today when all is said and done... went for a 2nd walk for only 30 minutes... was going to do a full hour but the pace/incline just wasn't producing enough of a burn for it to be worthwhile.

the most frustrating thing is the calorie count on the treadmill was double what my armband said (and would have been worth the effort) oh well.

Pilates is all I have left to do. I will not feel bad about today because my deficit will be -2075 or so... and it was an experiment to see what I will be able to do/need to do while on MC. I wonder why my burn was higher during my first walk when it didn't feel nearly as hard... hmmm...

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