7/02/2011 01:32:00 PM

2 hrs after finishing DRINKING the SWF...

Well, it's now 2.5 hrs after actually, and I don't feel like everything could have possibly moved through me... so I wonder if I need more salt in the future. Hmmm... It just... I expected the experience to be more violent than it was. Have any of you ever done a SWF? What was your experience? PLEASE comment if you have any insight.

Anyway.... post weigh in is... 163.8? hmm... well, 1 quart of water weighs roughly 1 kg (a little less) so... yeah, apparently a lot of that water is still in my system. Not surprising, I can actually hear it sloshing about in my bowels a bit... so... what did I do wrong? Guess I'll go for a whole tablespoon of salt next time :(


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