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Days 2 and 3 of Ease In

Ok so...while I'm waiting for the last rumbles from my first SWF to pass... let me update you all :D Here are copies and pastes from my EF/AF journals about the MC. Also... I forgot to say that one of the things I've done ot remove clutter from my life is (on 1st day of ease in...) finally donate all the clothing I had separated out a month or so ago as things I'd never ever be able to wear again. I need to do that again... I've found more. BUT that was 2 trashbags full of clothing... that has to be progress, right?

Ease in Day 2 - Juicing

I couldn't bring myself to buy a juicer just for this... so I bought 3 bottles of 100% Juice. 2 of them were organic. Both had purees and stuff in them too, so there was some fiber.

One was Carrot, Beat, Celery and lime. Another was Banana, Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry and the final was idk... all kinds of crazy stuff. It had kelp, spinichula... mango, peach etc in it. One of those green super-food juices. Total intake from them was about 687 - A bit less b/c I didn't wash out the bottles so some of it is still in there :3

I drank about 4 oz every hour-hour and a half... so I kept on being surprised by how much was left towards the end of the day... I was sure I'd be close to empty. I ended up drinking about 8oz worth on my way back home b/c driving always makes me tired anyway... and I was drifting a little bit :( This is the one thing I am worried about during the cleanse... Commuting may become quite dangerous D: I wish I lived somewhere with public transport. IT would mean more walk AND less danger... ah well.

Made calorie burn goal and step goal. So far so good on the exercise front. Other than that, nothing much to report...

Time to go make Orange juice out of 8 lbs of oranges... *not excited*

Morning Ladies!

I'm off to a late start :( Got to bed late last night too though... and I'm closing today so I suppose it's *ok* but tomorrow has to be better.... earlier...

Since today is the first day of the actual cleanse, I weighed in and took my BF and stuff... here are the stats!

150.0 (-100 from high weight!)
BF: 22.4% (33.9 lbs, -1.3404 since Thursday)
Muscle: 52.6 (+1.1 since Thursday)
Bone: 7.7 (this is down... i wonder what a good bone weight is for my height :( )

Now... there is NO WAY I actually gained 1.1 lbs of muscle in three days b/c I haven't been doing weight training so I'm guessing this is a water/glycogen gain since I generally eat <40 carbs a day which puts you into ketosis. Hmmm... Anyway, it will be interesting to see what happens in the next 5 days.

Downed the SWF about 15 minutes ago, and am wondering if it is going to work >.> It didn't taste nearly as salty as it did the first time I tried, but I've also purchased a better quality salt... Still, I'm concerned I'll just absorb it all :(

I went for the 2 tsp the original book calls for, but if it doesn't work out right today I'll up it to 1 tbsp. I didn't think I could do it if it were salty as salty as the last time, but with this salt it should be better. I used purified water for this, and downed it in about 5 minutes... less than actually. Anyway... enough about today!

Ease In day 3

Got up at 7... so 1 hr late :( I had time to do everything but morning exercise though. I had purchased 8lbs of juicing oranges and made about 1 liter of orange juice. It was surprisingly fast to squeeze it, I thought it would take ages but only 15 minutes. Throughout the day I drank as I needed energy, and I also had 2 cups of herbal tea to help warm me up b/c the AC at work is WAY too high... Like, I get it that EDed individuals often get cold easy, but my coworkers complain about it too so I don't think it's that... I had a whole quart of OJ left when I finished work... went to whole foods to pick up lemons...

I took two sips from the quart so that I wouldn't fall asleep on my car-ride back. When got home, I measured the rest of what was in that quart jug, and then threw it out! It was a waste... but I would have taken in 200 or so unnecessary calories if I had drank it.

Totals for yesterday:

Roughly 650 calories in (a bit less)
2230 calories out
Deficit: 1580


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