7/17/2011 02:40:00 AM

Setting myself up for a fall... (gain ;[?)

Yesterday, soon after I took my diet pills I got a weird feeling in my throat that persisted all day... It is the same thing that happened the first few times I took the pills.. and I got worried that it may indicate my thyroid having issues... so, I've decided to stay off of them at least until Monday's weigh in.I am also going to make an effort to get the ingredients I need to do an ECA stack, as that does not engage the thyroid. Just really nervous about asking for the ephedra source >.> not sure if they'll ask me what i need it for... so I gotta think of a story.

Also, with the massive muscle loss... I've decided to add 120-230 calories per day in protien to my normal solid diet... which means my lowest days are going to be 630-740 and highest will be 980-1190... (230 in protien will be on weight lifting days....)

Rationally, even with the 1190 days... my deficits will be more than enough to continue losing, but I'm worried... no diet pills to help target fat... more calories... this all sounds like a recipie for a gain....

I better lose at least a lb by Monday... and, any gains I have better be from muscle... ugh.


Y.C. Phantomhive87 said...

Good luck hon! And thank you for your encouragement! It means alot! Be safe! I love you! *hugs*

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